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Just because you are not pregnant or a new parent does not mean you can't receive massage therapy here! 

If you're feeling exhausted, burned out, anxious or sore Orillia Perinatal Massage will work with you combining technical proficiency with relaxation to help you move through the physical and emotional stresses of daily life.

Everyone deserves to have this time and one of the best parts of my job is hearing your story so I can understand how best to help you.

What else?


Massage therapy is a an incredible practice that has the ability to improve our quality of life.

Sometimes that means helping to heal acute pain or an injury. Sometimes that means support after trauma to help improve your emotional well being.

Whatever the issue is, massage therapy can help you to move through the highs and lows of life. The power of touch can be quite an amazing thing.

Registered Massage Therapy

Service Rates

Appointments include intake, assessment,

treatment and home care.

75 minute Massage - $130

60 minute Massage - $115

45 minute massage - $100

30 minute massage - $85

Prices include HST

*Please also see the FAQ page for

cancellation policy


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