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Kayla Kent-Jarvis

Owner & Registered Massage Therapist

Welcome to Orillia Perinatal Massage

This is your one stop, go-to care provider for all things pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond!


I’m Kayla Kent-Jarvis… registered massage therapist and owner of Orillia Perinatal Massage. I specialize in perinatal care. I am also a certified birth and postpartum doula, certified childbirth educator and certified yoga teacher practicing in the heart of Orillia, On.

After the most empowering birth of my first daughter and survival of the postpartum period I knew where I wanted to put my efforts when it came to massage therapy and also knew that I needed to be able to support other parents to be to have a birth experience as positive as I did and postpartum experience that is supported and full of growth and confidence.

As a mom of 2, I know first-hand that the transition into parenthood can feel like a world of uncharted waters. There is no map and there is no one way to do any of it. My role as a birth and postpartum doula is to help make that transition as easy as possible. I provide information, physical and emotional support for growing families. You can ask all the questions and I will get you all the answers.

I will support you through pregnancy and birth, regardless of birth place and birth choices.


The perinatal period ( from conception to 1 year post partum) create massive changes in the body and physical support can be key to healing well which is why I’ve devoted my massage practice to supporting perinatal patients.

 I am passionate about caring for and creating a peaceful space to let your amazing human body do its work, heal and help you reconnect to yourself post baby.I love being able to share birth and postpartum knowledge as a doula and as a massage therapist. I have much more perinatal training than what is typical for the majority of RMT's. I also love being able to offer dedicated time as a childbirth educator to help parents unlearn what the past and old wives tales tell us labour and delivery should look like and learn what your choices are, how to plan for a supported and empowering birth and start planning for a beautiful life with baby afterward.


A few fun facts about me before you go…. I love living by the water, I love hot yoga and taught it for 8 years, I have a dog, chickens and bees, I am devoted to the earth, laughter is one of my favourite things.

I look forward to hearing from you so I can help support you in one of the most memorable journeys of your life. 


Jessie Geist

Registered Massage Therapist

To book with Jessie please go to

Get the answers to one of the most common questions I get asked as a doula.
How Will I Know I'm in Labour???

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I know first hand that pregnancy, birth and postpartum can be an overwhelming time, that's my reason for free, informative online content and for this blog! Click below and head over to find all kids of perinatal tips, tricks and other stuff. 

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