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Perinatal Massage Services

Getting a massage during pregnancy....

It's pretty common that massage gets placed at the bottom of many of our to-do lists. Often it is also left on the back burner until something is sore or you've been injured or your insurance coverage is about to renew. 

The truth is that it's so much more than acute care. The evidence shows that it helps improve sleep, decreases stress, helps with muscle imbalances (hello pregnancy!)


And, to answer your next question.....

Massage can be especially beneficial and safe during pregnancy (including in the first trimester) and postpartum and is safe and beneficial for baby as well.

Pregnancy and postpartum bodies go through so much change in a relatively short period of time, not to mention hormonal changes that affect your body as well as mental state. I provide massage therapy for these time periods in particular because there are a host of challenges that come with a rapidly changing body while you’re growing a baby and returning to your new normal body.


You can lay face down!! What?!?

Do you miss being able to sleep on your belly? You'll be happy to know that we can give you a reminder of what that's all about with our pregnancy support cushions. 

Postpartum Massage

The time after baby arrives is different for everyone. We will create a plan that works for YOU based on what your needs are after birth. Aside from re-establishing balance in your body after pregnancy and birth, a massage can be a blissful hour to yourself!!

You can bring baby with you!

I encourage you to bring your babe if you don't have childcare for them however, I will offer a cautionary note that it is quite typical that babies in the age range of 4-8 months can be a little more fussy since they are in a stage of curiosity but can't necessarily sit up or crawl etc.

We offer a baby swing and a pack and play for to use as needed! Or snuggle them up on the massage table with you.

Service Rates

Appointments include intake, assessment,

treatment and home care.

75 minute massage - $130

60 minute massage - $115

45 minute massage - $100

30 minute massage - $85

Prices include HST

*Please also see the FAQ page for cancellation policy


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