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Post Partum Support Group

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Registration for January 2024
is now open!!

Are you a first time Mom?  


If you are, you know it can be overwhelming and wonderful all at he same time.  There is an abundance of information coming at you from all sorts of angles.  Some days are spent just trying to get out of the house only to give up in a puddle of your tears, baby’s tears, spit up, breast milk or formula and poop.  Some days you rock mom life like you found some magic manual.  The truth is though, there is no manual. It’s so much trial and error.  You can feel alone like you’ve never felt before.  

We want to offer a space where you can share your Mom wins and struggles no matter how big or small.  It can be so comforting to meet other Moms and hear their wins and struggles too.  To know you are not alone.  To feel a part of a community.  

Join Kayla Kent Jarvis, Mom and owner of Orillia Perinatal and Rebecca Bolden, Mom and owner of The Holding Space with guest speakers from the community each week to offer support and resources in all things Mom and Baby.  

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