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Doula Services

The postpartum period is much less talked about than pregnancy and birth and yet it is just as important, if not more so. Birth, as much as it feels like a mountain of work at the time, is one small part of creating a human being and becoming a parent. Once the dust has settled, the visitors have gone home and partners are back to work you and your baby are still there and your baby is needing you more than ever.


It takes time to figure out what the new household rhythm is and it is an important time to slow down. Many cultures around the world have what is known as, a laying in period once baby arrives and it is traditional for it to last 40 days.  In this time food Is provided, quiet bonding time is honoured and there is no pressure for a birther and baby to be anywhere other than home. For most of us in the westernized world, 40 days uninterrupted is not realistic however, this is the period where I shine.

I can be the person to hold space for you to bond with your baby/partner/other children, to help answer your questions and soften your worries so you can grow confident in your abilities as a parent (even If you don’t have a full 40 days to lay in).

I provide day time shifts which can include tasks such as the ones in the list below depending on what type of support is needed that day.

I service the Orillia and Severn area. Travel fees are extra if outside of those areas.



The cost for postpartum support is $45.00/hour with a 4-hour shift minimum so I can make sure I am providing the best care possible to you.

  • 1-hour free consultation

  • discuss birth and answer and questions with evidence-based support

  • postpartum education and help navigating parenthood

  • light household tasks such as dishes, sweeping and babies laundry

  • preparing light snacks and meals, assisting with meal prep

  • assisting with diaper changes, feeds and holding baby (basic newborn care)

  • provide you with opportunities for self-care

  • guidance on how to tune into baby’s cues

  • discuss normal infant behaviour and development

  • unbiased emotional support

  • teach infant massage techniques

  • teach self-massage techniques

You do not have to do it alone. Reach out and we can discuss what postpartum support could look like for you/your family.




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