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Frequently Asked Questions

So, you've had a look at the website but still have some questions?

These are some commonly asked questions I get from clients.

Don't see your question here? Please get in touch with me and I will answer all the questions.

What can I expect at my first appointment?

Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time. This will give you time to get to know the space, use the washroom if needed and let us get settled in the treatment room. The first 5 minutes or so will be spent reviewing your health history and discussing your goals or reasons for seeking massage therapy. This step may seem unnecessary but it is important and helpful for me to get to know your wellness/treatment goals to help me give you better treatment and better results. It is not uncommon for the first treatment to be 90% treatment time and 10% chatting.

Is massage in my first trimester safe?

Yes! Massage is safe at any stage in pregnancy. Unfortunately this information that is is unsafe stems from an old wives tale. 

Once I can no longer lay face down, what position is possible for a massage treatment?

You have a couple of options... you can lay on either side with cushions for support or you can still lay face down (prone) using a specially designed support cushion built to fit your growing belly. We can discuss positioning prior to every treatment so that you will always be comfortable.

Do I need to be naked for a massage treatment?

You only need to be as naked as you're comfortable with! For some people that means removing everything and for others it means being fully clothed. I only undrape the area that I'm working on and everything else stays covered. 

Do I need to leave a tip?

As a regulated health care professional I would really prefer to stay away from tipping. In all likelihood, you wouldn't tip your chiropractor or naturopath right? It's always a compliment to know that someone liked their treatment enough to leave a tip but I'd rather you tell your friends and family or leave a review about your experience instead!

What is your cancellation policy?

I know life can be unpredictable and sometimes you need to cancel your appointment at the last minute. It happens. However, as a self employed massage therapist and doula, all of my income comes from all of my wonderful clients. When you cancel last minute or don't show up for an appointment, it affects my livelihood. It also means you have taken an appointment away from someone else who could have benefited from my care. It can be difficult to fill your appointment time without 24 hours notice and because of this I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel, need to reschedule or don't show up for your appointment time for any reason with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged half amount of the treatment cost. You are welcome to send a friend or family member to claim your appointment time in your place. 

Thank you for valuing my time.

Is your space accessible?

No, unfortunately it is not. There is a small set of stairs to enter and exit the treatment space. 

What happens if I am late for my massage?

All massage treatments are booked in advance and your time is allocated specifically for you.

If you are unable to make it for your treatment to start when you're scheduled I will honour the time that is left for your treatment when you arrive. The full payment for the time that was originally booked will still apply.

Ex. if you have booked a 60 minute treatment and arrive 15 minutes late, you will be treated for the remaining 45 minutes and payment for a 60 minute massage will still apply. 

Thank you again for valuing my time.

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