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Birth Pool Rentals

Here's the scoop....


Planning a home birth and hoping to birth in water?? 

Your healthcare provider and support team will require access to you from all sides, unless you have a freestanding bath tub, a birth pool is an amazing option to get that water birth you're hoping for!


Rental Details:

All birth pool rentals include: Rental from 37-42 weeks (or until baby is born - which ever comes first) until 2-3 days post birth, instructions for use.

Have questions or want to book the pool?  Contact me below!

**Rentals will be discounted for those who have booked birth doula services with me**

Birth Pool Details:

  • It accommodates water deep enough to provide buoyancy.

     Float and change positions with ease, or rest on the built-in
    seat.  Six reinforced handles are perfectly placed to help 
    mothers assume and maintain a variety of positions.

•    It is roomy enough for tall mothers, and easily 
    accommodates two people. 

•    Three inflatable chambers for safety and adjustable height.

•    Patented form-fitting disposable eco liner ensures a  
    hygienic environment.

•    Made without phthalates - better for the environment, 
    better for you and your baby.

External dimensions: 65" x 57"

Internal dimensions: 45" x 37"

Internal Height: 26"

Depth of Water: Min 18"Max 22" 

Rim Width: 10"

Inflated Floor: 2"

Built-in Seat: Yes

Integrated Cup Holder: Yes

Basic Package

  • Birth Pool in a Box (rental)

  • Disposable pool liner

  • Air pump (rental)


$180 +HST​

Full Package

  • Birth Pool in a Box (rental)

  • Disposable pool liner

  • Air pump to inflate pool (rental)

  • Submersible pump to empty pool (rental)

  • 1 new garden hose

  • Standard hose attachment (rental)

  • Thermometer

  • Debris net 

$275 +HST

Contact to Inquire or Reserve

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