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Here's the thing.....

Whether this is your first baby or fourth, I'm sure that the people around you are happily providing stories and input about labour and delivery...warranted or not.

Every baby comes with a unique adventure in birth and as your doula, I will be there to help you navigate all the decisions that are made leading up to your baby's birth day and beyond!


** On a side note - Check out the bottom of the page for a FREE download alllll about postpartum mental health!!


So what is a doula anyway??


A doula carries the special role of guiding you through all aspects of pregnancy, birth and beyond.


Having a doula is like having your own personalized plan that will have you feeling calm, comforted and empowered in preparation for your baby.

As your doula, I am fully committed to supporting you emotionally, physically and with all the information you need as you approach your delivery.


Birth is an experience that changes your life!

From the moment of conception to the day of delivery it is a bit of a roller coaster of a journey. I am here to provide you with unbiased, nonjudgmental and continuous support. Once I am hired on I am available to answer any and all of your questions, provide you with evidence based information and reassure you the whole way through.

I will visit your home for two prenatal meetings where we would typically go over birth preferences (birth plan), answer questions, show you comfort measures for labour, pain coping strategies and along with discussing many other important topics.

I love getting to know my clients more through these meetings and developing a connection before proving birth support. 

Birth Support Package

The base doula package includes: 

  • Phone, email and text support throughout pregnancy

  • Two prenatal home meetings which include labour prep so you feel confident heading into your birth

  • Continuous labour support

  • On postpartum home visit

Base package cost  $1300 +HST 

On top of this base package you have the option to add on these services at additional rates 

  • Additional birth prep session  $225

  • Additional post partum visit  $225

***Additional prenatal and postpartum phone, email and text support  $50/month

All prices are subject to HST

Post this checklist to your fridge door ASAP!
Postpartum mood disorders are FOR REAL and this is your list of signs & symptoms to keep handy for all of your support team!

It's on it's way to your inbox!

Birth Support Services

Meet Kayla Kent-Jarvis

Owner, Registered Massage Therapist, Doula & Childbirth Educator

Since experiencing the births of my two children, I have been on a mission to help other people have less painful pregnancies and births, empowered and uplifting birth experiences and faster post partum recoveries.

I took the plunge and opened Orillia Perinatal Massage to have a space where I can provide care and support for growing families where my goal is to offer personalized care that exceeds your wants and needs.

When we meet you are welcomed to tell me your birth wish list. We all know that things don't always go as planned but I will always do my best to create the experience that you're hoping for.

Choosing birth support is an incredibly personal decision. It needs to be the right fit which is why I offer a free and no obligation to hire phone call where we can chat and you can ask me all the questions about me and my services.

If it's not a perfect fit, that's totally okay and if you're feeling like it's a 100% yes then great! I'll be your biggest supporter throughout this wild and crazy ride! 

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