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The Blueprint to Birth Confidence Mini Course

Overcome Your Fears, 
Prepare for the Unknown,
Walk Into Your Birth With Confidence

What if you had the exact blueprint you need to have a stress free and less painful birth?!

Hey! I'm Kayla, registered massage therapist specializing in perinatal care, owner of Orillia Perinatal Massage, birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator and postpartum support group facilitator. (what all of that really means is,
total birth nerd.)

I've created the essential mini course for you to learn how to cut through your fears and doubts about giving birth and offer you the opportunity to LOVE your birth with

The Blueprint to Birth Confidence

Mini Course


  • My anxiety is too overwhelming to overcome my birth hang ups

  • Everyone I know has had a terrible birth so what's the point?

  • I don't know how to start trusting my body

  • I'm not sure where to even start figuring this stuff out

  • My fears will be with me forever

  • I've never done work to change my beliefs, this seems hard

  • My last birth didn't go as planned and I doubt that my next one will

"I know that this course would be amazing, but..."

Before my first birth I had a lot of these same thoughts and doubts....

That's why I decided to spend time learning about my options and how to master my mindset to have the best birth possible. I learned to trust my body and trust my decisions.

If I can do it, you can too!!

Once I had that first magical birth and then a second, I knew I had to give that gift to YOU.


It's time for you to harness your innate ability to birth with total trust and confidence! 

So, what's included in the mini course you ask...???

3 easy to digest modules 

AND because I genuinely want you to have the best birth possible, I am including all the templates and tools to help you get that magical birth you're after.

  • Audio guided meditation

  • Balanced statement worksheet

  • Birth Partner cheat sheet

  • Comfort measures planner

  • A guide to informed consent

  • Birth plan structure

Baby Toes

Don't let fear hold you back from embracing the miracle of childbirth.


By the end of this mini course you will understand your birth fears and how to stop them in their tracks. You will be able to prep your mind and body for this transformative experience and feel confident in your options and your ability to make decisions when they really matter. 

When I was pregnant, I was too tired to get myself out to prenatal classes after work or on the weekends.
I totally get it! 
What I really could've used was an online course to help me through my birth fears and worries that I could take at my own pace, when and where I wanted to.

Bet you can guess where I'm going with this... 

That's how The Blueprint to Birth Confidence was born. 

You can chill in your jammies, grab a cup of tea and watch the videos when you feel like it and work through the extras at your own speed. 


Here's the best part!!!

You get the Blueprint to Birth Confidence modules, the tools and templates AND as a bonus I'm throwing in

The Essential Postpartum Planning Workbook ($27 value) all for only

$74  $47!!

A few kind words...

"As you know, this birth was more than just giving birth to another child for me. It was an experience that I deeply craved. Wanting an HBAC made that desire even greater. To be able to say "we did it" brings tears to my eyes. It was powerful, it was healing, it was absolutely everything I'd hoped it would be and more."

- Laura P

"It was so helpful to have support from someone so knowledgeable, empathetic and thoughtful! Kayla helped me get better at asking for help when I needed it and gave a lot of tips for managing two kids while trying to take care of myself"

- Lauren K

"It was so great to have someone with a lot of knowledge about what we were going through throughout pregnancy and postpartum."

- Danielle S

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